why we do what we do


Double Crossed Clothing was started in 2015 as an antidote to all the 'lad culture' T shirt lines that were littering our high streets and our society. The idea behind DCC was to create a brand that celebrated us as human beings. The aim is to build people up through positivity and visibility. We believe that barriers are broken down by showing people that we are not all that different and the differences that we do have  are the things that make us interesting, special and great.  


Although there is sometimes one style at any one time that would be considered a 'feminine fit', most of the clothing is gender neutral. This was a conscious decision made for the simple fact that our bodies do not always reflect our gender identity and all bodies are not massively different. Double Crossed Clothing would like trans gender, cis, and gender neutral customers to each feel as happy, confident and beautiful as possible in all our designs.